FCS currently operates as a hybrid between barbershop choruses and set-oriented ensembles, with the former auditioning singers on a rolling basis and the latter auditioning singers in bulk at select times of the year. In essence, this means we audition new singers over the first 2-3 weeks of each set, then we close the gates to let the group's sound gel without fear of continual roster changes. When you're ready to audition, let us know in person or via email at


Your audition will take place outside of rehearsal in front of a small group of chorus leaders. Please coordinate with us to schedule your audition in advance (we'll need to book the rehearsal room a little longer than usual to accommodate).


Your audition will consist of the following facets:

Vocalises. We'll guide you through some scales, rhythmic-pattern exercises, and pitch-pattern exercises. No preparation is needed for this facet.

Solo. Prepare a ~30-second solo snippet from a song of your choosing. We'll have you sing this for us a cappella, without accompaniment. Any style is welcome (classical, pop, musical theater, etc.). Finally, we ask that you truly perform the song, not just sing it! This facet will give us a sense of your personality as a performer.

Quartet. FCS does music from many genres, but for your audition, we'll have you sing your voice part on I'd Love to Live in Loveland, a piece that's true to our barbershop roots. We'll have you sing the song memorized in a quartet with three other singers (who will fill out the other three parts). After the first run-through, we'll give you feedback and ask you to you sing through certain portions again as needed.

Here are the learning materials for I'd Love to Live in Loveland: