San Francisco has a vibrant choral community. We wanted barbershop to be a part of it.


The Fog City Singers were founded in October 2015 by six members of the Bay Area choral and barbershop communities. They had a simple question: what would happen if barbershop music were infused with influences from San Francisco’s rich musical tapestry? Specifically, what might Barbershop have to gain from the diverse music singing all around the city? Likewise, what might others learn from the techniques and traditions that barbershoppers cultivate in that unique American art form?

To explore these ideas, our founders invited 25 of the best singers they knew to memorize four songs at home, attend three rehearsals, then perform a friends-and-family concert immediately following the third meeting. In the end, we were pleased to discover that this was a winning strategy. The music gelled instantly, and the sound we produced was one that none of us had expected. For some of us, we were moved to unabashed squeals of excitement.

Nearly 100 people attended our debut concert on November 7th, and thousands more have watched our concert video on social media since then:

We're excited at the possibilities in store for FCS. Onward!



We spent nearly a year planning for the first phase of this chorus, but the hardest part was undoubtedly choosing a name. Here are some ideas we considered but didn't quite make the cut:

  • The Barbary Coasters
  • Barbary Shop (We appreciate a good pun)
  • The Misty Misters
  • The Aureates
  • San Francisco Barbershop Chorus
  • Signal
  • Octave Band
  • Artisanal Grilled Cheese (Our favorite name, by far)
  • The Portsmiths
  • Adonis Blue
  • The Tectonics
  • The Directive