Summer Set is in full swing!

Summer Set 2019 is now in full swing! Dubbed "Color Set," we're learning a range of pieces that each explore a mood or mindset associated with one or more representative hues. Concerts will be Aug 1 and 3 in SF, and our new women's ensemble Fog City Harmonia will be joining us!

We have six newbies: three from SJSU who saw us at CCDA in March, one long-dormant barbershopper, one from the world of (tech) contemporary a cappella, and one voice-teacher referral with a degree in piano performance. We're so excited to have them!

Tonight was the first major highlight of the set. We hosted three members of Clerestory, an 8-10 voice ensemble founded by alumni of Chanticleer, in a musical exchange of ideas, instruction, and performances. We think it's safe to say we all learned a thing or two from each other. Thanks to Justin, Sid, and Kevin for helping us tonight!

Chris LewisComment