New commission from local composer Eric Tuan

In preparation for Spring Set 2019, exploring the motif of light, we commissioned a new choral piece from friend and local composer Eric Tuan (b. 1990), who in spring 2018 transcribed one of his existing works, City of Friends, for Fog City’s “City Walk” concerts.

The prompt this time was to devise a piece that would be fiery, mature in character, topically unique, and emotionally powerful. Our criteria stemmed from having perused hundreds of pieces across various online catalogs: we realized we wanted to avoid common forms for high-energy TTBB works, including teasing serenades, sea chanteys, pop covers, spirituals, barbershop uptunes, and so forth.

Three months hence, we’re excited to announce that Eric has produced an absolutely gorgeous piece of music that expertly fulfills our every dream for a new work. In Dawn, Unhindered, Eric weaves together haiku written in the internment camps where Japanese-Americans were imprisoned during the Second World War. He presents the haiku sequentially in a series of musical vignettes, bringing the concise yet vivid poems to life in masterful fashion. He couples the haiku with poetry from the Christian tradition and Rabindranath Tagore on the subject of light.

We debut Dawn, Unhindered at our CCDA performance on Thursday, March 14, 2019 in San Jose, CA.

Chris LewisComment