Fog City Harmonia

A new women’s ensemble in the Fog City organization.



Our mission is to create a collective of like-minded musicians, to remain rooted in barbershop while showcasing our diverse musical backgrounds, and to further the San Francisco barbershop revolution.


In Greek Mythology, Harmonia is the goddess of harmony and concord. She is the daughter of Ares, god of war, and Aphrodite, goddess of love. Harmonia is a deity known for presiding over cosmic balance, guiding harmonious actions of soldiers in war, and being pure of heart.


Please join us for our first major concert this August! Tickets will be on sale soon (~July).

Saturday, August 24th, 2019 @ 4:00pm
Kanbar Performing Arts Center
44 Page St, San Francisco, CA

We will also be performing on Fog City Singers summer concerts on August 1 and 3. Get tickets for those performances here (for Aug 1) and here (for Aug 3).


Interested in auditioning? Fill out this form to receive information about auditions for upcoming concert sets after we get off the ground!



Addy Mendoza

Digital Goddess & Mistress of Mandatory Fun

Addy Mendoza was raised performing classical instrumental music, but found her love of singing and a cappella at Stanford University when she joined the contemporary, co-ed, pop a cappella group Stanford Mixed Company. Since college, Addy has continued her participation in the arts performing musical theater with Custom Made Theater Company and the SF Bay Area Theater Company, as well as Facebook’s corporate a cappella hobbyist group The Vocal Network.


Alisa Peters

Directing Goddess & Mistress of Music

Alisa Peters began playing piano and singing trios with her mom and grandpa in church at age 4; continued her musical journey through church choir, high school choir, musical theater, and college choirs; and fell in love with barbershop in college while studying music theory, musicianship, and conducting. Since college, Alisa has been an active member of Sweet Adelines since 2005 - participating in multiple choruses as section leader and assistant director and singing in multiple regional medalist quartets.


Jessica Blackshaw

Goddess of Marketing

Jess’s aunts taught her how to harmonize by listening to the Indigo Girls when she was six, and she’s been singing ever since. She has been a member of various choirs since elementary school, and she began performing musical theater and studying classical voice at thirteen. In college, Jess was a proud member of Mixed Company A Cappella and Stanford Chamber Chorale, and performed with Ram’s Head Theatrical Society and the Asian American Theater Project. Since then, she has sung with Convivium in Los Altos and, briefly, with the Coral da UFES in Vitória, Brazil.


Karen MaasS

Goddess of Coin & Liaison to Barbershop Harmony Society

Karen Maass, a third-generation barbershopper, has been singing her entire life. She joined Sweet Adelines, Intl. in 2004, and is proud to have also joined the Barbershop Harmony Society in 2017. Karen sings baritone in Surprise! Quartet and has been an active member in a number of other quartets and choruses, including Carpe Diem Chorus, Pacific Empire Chorus, and Sierra Gold Chorus.


Kelly Sopher

Goddess of Operations & Liaison to the Fog City Singers

Kelly Sopher grew up in a musical household singing harmonies with her three younger sisters both at home and as a family at church. In high school and college she continued her musical education in Concert Choirs, Madrigals, and Musical Theater productions. Kelly joined Sweet Adelines in 2013, is the Lead Section Leader on the Music Team of San Francisco Sound Wave Chorus, and sings Lead in Lucky Pitches Quartet.