November 15, 2017  ·  St. Mark’s Lutheran Church



After a Top-10 finish at this year's International Barbershop Chorus Contest and two sold-out summer concerts mashing barbershop with musical theater, San Francisco's Fog City Singers close out their exciting 2017 year with a fall concert titled "A Little Folk 'n Poetry," presented at the beautiful and historic sanctuary at St. Mark's Lutheran Church.

The program will oscillate between folk selections—both boisterous and beautiful, from the Old World and the New—and settings of contemplative poetic texts from England, Canada, and the United States. The chorus will also celebrate their 2-year anniversary by singing one of the four barbershop tunes they performed at their first-ever public performance on November 7, 2015.

Barbershopchoralcontemporary a cappella: the usual breakdown you've come to expect from Fog City.

Please join us!


I   FCS: Anthology One

Early American Uptempo Medley (USA) Traditional Folk Songs  ·  arr. J. Giallombardo
David’s Lamentation (USA) The Bible, 2 Samuel 18:33  ·  by W. Billings (1778) ed. C. Lewis
I Heard You Singing (England) by H. R. Bennett (as R. Barrie) & E. Coates (1923)  ·  arr. J. Giallombardo
‘Til I Hear You Sing (from "Love Never Dies") by A. L. Webber & S. Lee (2010)  ·  arr. T. Hicks
The Mermaid (England) Traditional Sea Chantey  ·  arr. M. Levi (1994)

II   Audience Participation

Lone Prairie (Tag)

III   Brannigan (Quartet)

Emily by J. Mandel & J. Mercer (1964)  ·  arr. J. Kusnadi

IV   FCS: Anthology Two

Flanders Fields (Canada) poem by J. McCrae (1915)  ·  music by P. Aitken (1999)
Demon in My View (USA) poem by E. A. Poe (1829)  ·  music by J. Horvath (2000)
Looking at the World Through Rose-Colored Glasses by K. Malie & J. Steiger (1926)  ·  arr. R. Craig, G. Lyne, D. Wright
The Parting Glass (Scotland/Ireland) Traditional Folk Song  ·  arr. T. Anderson
Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho (USA) Traditional Spiritual  ·  arr. D. Wright